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Frequently Asked Questions:

Won't my children/employees just unplug the device?
No.  Not if you have installed the tamper-proof seal (heat-shrink tubing) which is shipped with each device.

Why won't it work on an European (QWERTZ) keyboard?
The keys are re-mapped, so you must use the default password of 'kezkatch'.

Why won't it work on a French (AZERTY) keyboard?
The keys are re-mapped, so you must use the default password of 'keykqtch'.

Does the KEYKatcher work on a USB keyboard?
No.  It only works on PS/2 keyboards.  Older PC's which use the 5-pin DIN connector require an adapter set.  There is no adapter set which will allow USB operation.

How can I save the information that I have read out?
Once the information has been dumped into your word processor/text editor, save it as you would any other file.

How come some characters are not stored, such as Control characters?
When the device is being read out, the characters are coming to the computer just as if you had typed them. If the actual control character was sent to the computer, it might trigger undesired events to occur within the host program. These characters could be sent to the computer in a different form, but would be of little use for the applications this product is designed for.

Could this device be used to restore a spreadsheet that has been lost due to a power outage/system lock-up?
No. Many characters, such as up arrow, down arrow, page up, and page down are not stored. Trying to re-play the key sequence inside of a spreadsheet would lose most of the formatting information.

Why is the device not recording?
The device has the recording disabled, or the memory is full. To resolve this situation, either the recording needs to be enabled through the menu options, or the device needs to be erased through the menu options.

Why is my keyboard not working (characters do not appear on screen)?
The KEYKatcher device is not fully plugged in.

How come nothing happens when I type the password?
This could be due to many reasons.  (1)  The password was not typed correctly; (2)  There is not a host program running (i.e. WordPad)  (3)   The password was not typed in sequence with no mistakes and no backspaces.

How can I type in the password if I have made a mistake?
Just start typing the password in from the beginning.  It is not necessary to backspace over the error.  Just start typing the password again, beginning with the first character.

Will the KEYKatcher work if I plug it into the mouse port?
No.  The KEYKatcher will only work if it is plugged into the keyboard port.  The keyboard and mouse port have the same connector, which can cause confusion.  The keyboard port is generally labelled with a picture of a keyboard and/or an orange connector.

After selecting "View Memory", is there any way to stop the full memory dump from occuring?
No.  If you really NEED to stop the KEYKatcher from dumping its memory contents, unplug it from the back of the computer, and re-insert it.  It will not continue to send characters after it is re-inserted.

What happens when the memory fills up?
The KEYKatcher will stop recording.  It will not begin recording again until the memory has been erased (memory is erased through menu options).  If you never check the device, you are not really monitoring activity.


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