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True Hardware KeyloggersTM

KeyLlama 2 Gigabyte USB Forensic Hardware Keylogger Time Date Stamping

$228.88  $168.88

Featuring Time & Date Stamping and a full 2 Gigabytes of memory! KeyLlama USB Forensic has a special sealed battery inside to maintain the time & date information when the computer is turned off. This battery is rated to last for over 7 years. This keylogger holds a lifetime (a million pages!) of text, making it an ideal backup for all your important work. It can also be used as a password protected stealth flash drive. This is the smallest hardware keylogger in the world, yet it holds more data than any other!

KeyLlama 2GB USB Forensic

KeyLlama records everything typed on a USB keyboard. Absolutely no software is required and KeyLlama is completely invisible to any software. The KeyLlama USB is the stealthiest hardware keylogger in existence - it is impossible to detect!

Unlike many other keyloggers, these work with both low and full-speed USB Keyboards. Most newer USB keyboards operate at "full-speed." Most lower cost keyloggers do not work with full-speed keyboards. If they don't specifically state it will work, it almost certainly won't.

Unlike many other keyloggers, these work with wireless USB Keyboards. As long as the keyboard uses an external receiver that connects to the computer and the keyboard isn't a "Bluetooth" type (they usually make it very clear if it is) this keylogger will work fine.

Unlike many other keyloggers, these work with Macs! We suggest you include the white USB extension cable, so you can tuck the keylogger out of sight. This helps it blend into the Mac environment - especially with iMacs which have very exposed USB connections.

The KeyLlama is completely invisible to the Operating System when installed. Only after you have entered the special key combination, will the KeyLlama appear on your computer as a USB Flash Drive, with a file containing the recorded text.

We stand behind our products! We guarantee our keyloggers will be compatible with your system!

  • Time & Date Stamping
  • Huge memory capacity - 1,000,000 pages - a lifetime's worth of typing!
  • Compatible with all USB keyboards
  • 100% Stealthy
  • No software or drivers required
  • Works with all versions of Windows (Windows 98 through Windows 7) plus Linux and Mac
  • National keyboard layout support to for all major European language keyboards
  • 128bit Encryption
  • Ultra compact and discrete, extends just 1.5" when plugged in.

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