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-Sites with link directories that cannot be indexed by the search engines are excluded from consideration. This includes framed as well as dynamic sites.

-Sites with more than 100 outgoing links per page will be excluded from consideration.

-Sites that host their Link Directory on another domain are excluded from consideration. Also known as 3-Way Linking.

-Sites that participate in automated link exchanges such as link farms or FFA (Free For All) sites are excluded from consideration.

-Sites with excessive pop up ads are not considered.

-Sites that use any technique to mislead the search engines are excluded from consideration.

-Sites that do not practice ethical linking practices or violate any of the search engine guidelines are excluded from consideration.

-Sites with errors on their pages such as scripting problems will not be considered.
We regularly check our link is present and working. If you change the page you have our link on please email us so we can update our records. If we find that our link is not present or working properly we will attempt to contact you. We will give you 14 days to correct the problem or your link will be removed from our Links Directory. Please use only the information outlined below as our link information.

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Our Text Link Information: – Is your family safe? Monitor you PC and MAC without software. Hardware keyloggers capture every keystroke. Undetectable by anti-virus programs. Superior to software. Learn more >
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