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Why do you need a KEYKatcher Hardware Keylogger?

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Because what you don't know CAN hurt you!                  
Parents: Learn How To Protect Your Children From Online Dangers via Computer Security Monitoring.

As a concerned parent, you have the obligation to assure your child's safety while he/she is on the Internet. Children and teenagers are one of the fastest growing groups of Internet users. Cyber crime is rapidly increasing, and our children are at a higher risk to be victims of Internet crime than most parents realize. KEYKatcher Hardware Key Loggers serve as a valuable tool for understanding their on-line activities and communicating with them about acceptable use of the computer / internet. The "NetPatrol" feature quickly flags all internet addresses that have been typed on the computer.

What makes the KEYKatcher Keyboard Monitoring Tool beautiful is its "plug-and-play" design. If you can plug something in, and if you can use a word processor, you have all the computer skills necessary to use a KEYKatcher Hardware Keylogger.

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Forensic Investigators
Computer forensics is basically the examination of a computer, usually the computer's hard drive, with the goal being of finding evidence that can withstand court scrutiny. The evidence can be anything from indications that a file was deleted or, that a malicious e-mail or document was created on a particular computer. The time and date stamp feature is usually required.
For Forensic applications, the ideal hardware keylogger is the KeyCarbon Forensic Edition. This keyboard monitoring device offers features including USB compatibility (works on both PC and MAC with USB connection), capacity to record over 2 Million keystrokes (2 Megs), Time and Date stamping, plug & play (no software to install), 128-bit encryption, the world's only high & low speed USB keylogger.

Are your employees wasting time on the internet? This can be a tremendous burden on your business. You pay a lot of money for an office and employees, and you should ensure that they are working when they are on the clock. KEYKatcher hardware keyloggers have proven to be an excellent tool in identifying and correcting computer misuse. It is recommended that you have a "computer usage policy" in place which makes employees aware of acceptable computer use.
Companies today face a multitude of risks posed by electronic communications. They include loss of proprietary information, copyright violation, inappropriate use of company property, violation of privacy, and offensive or harassing workplace interactions. Monitoring may be necessary to avoid these risks, and companies must develop, implement, and (as necessary) regularly adjust policies to control electronic information in the workplace. KEYKatcher hardware keyloggers are many times part of the "toolkit" which is used by IT staff for security investigations, and can provide invaluable information to these professionals.
The best solution for the monitoring needs of small to medium businesses is the KEYKatcher 128K keylogger (for PS/2 keyboards) or the KeyCarbon Corporate SE keylogger (for USB keyboards - PC or MAC). KEYKatcher 128K keyloggers feature the capacity to record over 128,000 keystrokes, plug & play technology - not software to install, NETPatrol and custom search functions. KeyCarbon Corporate USB keyloggers feature: recording capacity over 1.5 Million keystrokes, plug & play technology (no software to install), 128-bit encryption, the world's only high & low speed USB keylogger.

IT Professionals
IT Professionals know the advantages of a hardware keylogger, and KEYKatcher keyloggers have a reputation for quality and reliability. Software keyloggers, which are vulnerable to detection and slow a system down, are just not acceptable. KEYKatcher hardware keyloggers provide an accurate record of what was typed and can be used later for analysis of almost any situation. Hardware keyloggers are extremely robust, in that they begin recording the moment power is turned on, and keep recording until the power is turned off. KEYKatcher hardware keyloggers also have the added benefit of portability. You can record data on one computer, unplug the KEYKatcher keylogger, and then plug it in on another computer to read what has been recorded. It's an incredibly easy, convenient and affordable tool for computer monitoring applications.

KEYKatcher 64K mini keyloggers are ideal for IT monitoring applications on a PS/2 keyboard. If you need to monitor a PC or MAC with a USB keyboard check out the KeyCarbon Corporate USB keyloggers.

Schools / Libraries
Protect your students from falling victim to cyber crime. KEYKatcher hardware keyloggers can also be used to ensure compliance with your schools computer usage policy. If children know they are being monitored, it also serves as a deterrent to visiting inappropriate web sites or chat rooms.

In the course of providing a range of services to private and corporate customers, private investigators may use KEYKatcher and KEY Phantom keyloggers to monitor computer activity.

Law Enforcement
KEYKatcher and KeyCarbon hardware keyloggers can be used to collect data as evidence against Cyberstalking and other Internet based crimes.

Writers / Journalists

Writers are always concerned about losing data typed into a computer. KEYKatcher hardware loggers are an efficient way to back-up manuscripts, stories, or other documents without tying up computer resources or worrying about an unexpected power outage.

Use KEYKatcher Keyloggers to Help Guard Against:

Online Predators
Know whom your loved ones are communicating with and be prepared to step in when necessary. The KEYKatcher can literally be "your eyes when you're not there"

75% of all children are willing to give personal information in exchange for goods or services.
As many as 1 in 4 children who visit internet chat rooms have been contacted or propositioned by a pedophile.
Only 3% of all incidents of predators harrassing children on the internet are reported.

Protect trade secrets from falling into the wrong hands.

Low Productivity in the Office
Employees conducting non-work related activities on company computers wastes valuable time and resources. Now you can monitor your employee's activities using KEYKatcher hardware keyloggers installed on company computers. It is also recommended that you have a "computer usage policy" in place which states acceptable computer use.
Employee Fraud
Monitor employees who are suspected of wrongdoing. It is recommended that you have a "computer usage policy" in place.

Data loss from Power Outages
KEYKatcher will retain data even in the event of a power loss. Information can even be recorded on one computer, and read out on another computer

Protect You Children. Protect Your Business. Protect your Work.
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The Most Advanced Keystroke Recorder Ever!

Use Magnum to:
:) Monitor Employee Performace & Productivity

:) Manage Employee Computer Misuse

:) Support Web & Email Acceptable Use Polocies

:) Computer Forensic Investigations


:) 4Mb storage capacity
:) Time & Date Stamping
:) Time of Use Reports
:) 128-bit Encryption

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