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KEYKatcher Testimonials

From: Michael
Your product has saved my family.
I was able to discover a hell of a lot going on in my home, thank you.

From: Christopher B. Karr, President
ÜberGuard Information Security Consulting, LLC

"We were engaged by a client to monitor an employee who was suspected of providing the client's competitor with intellectual property.We connected the KEYKatcher 256K Keystroke Logger to the employee's workstation and captured his communications to the competitor. With the information captured by the KEYKatcher 256K Keystroke Logger, we were able to gather enough evidence to prove that the employee was indeed, stealing from his employer.

We have used other keyloggers in the past and nothing compares to the KEYKatcher 256K Keystroke Logger."

From: Roddy Orgeron, Chief Examiner & Computer Forensics Expert
Network Tactics, LLC 

"The KEYKatcher product provides several avenues of exploration for our forensic
investigators. It has allowed us to capture vital case information completely
undetected. The KEYKatcher seamlessly captures conversations, passwords, and
other needed data. It is completely undetectable except for it's small stealthy
physical appearance. We can safely say that the KEYKatcher has been instrumental
in solving some of our cases. Without it, we might still be looking for some
information! Beyond forensics this product can be used by parents, corporate
network administrators, private investigators, and more."
Network Tactics, L.L.C. is a privately owned Louisiana corporation that specializes in computer forensic examinations and electronic discovery services. They have a wide range of technical and investigative expertise. Their chief examiner and computer forensics expert, Roddy Orgeron, has a distinguished career in computer forensics, information technology, network security, and electrical engineering fields.
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The Most Advanced Keystroke Recorder Ever!


:) 4Mb storage capacity
:) Time & Date Stamping
:) Time of Use Reports
:) 128-bit Encryption

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