256K Hardware Key Loggers for Monitoring Internet Activity


256K Hardware Key Loggers for Family Computer Monitoring


  KEYKatcher 256K Hardware Key Loggers

128k hardware key loggers

256k keyloggers - price reduced to $49!

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:) Plug & Play key logger - no software to install!
:) Records more than 256,000 keystrokes
:) Records every keystroke (chat, email, IM, & more)
:) NETPATROL to quickly identify internet addresses
:) Keyword / custom phrase search function
:) Works with any word processor / text editor
:) Can't be detected / defeated by anti-virus software
:) Works on wireless keyboards




PS2 to USB Adapter Set


  Allows you to use a KEYKatcher 256K with a USB keyboard!

Adapter Set Installation Diagram (click to enlarge)
All software key loggers are literally an anti-virus software update away from becoming obsolete! KEYKatcher key loggers can not be detected or defeated by anti-spy software programs.
The KEYKatcher 256K key loggers store over 256,000 keystrokes including e-mail, chat, IM, internet addresses and more. The 256K keylogger is recommended for professional use and for homes with high levels of computer activity.

The easiest way to monitor your PC.
To install your hardware key logger, simply unplug your keyboard and plug the KEYKatcher into the keyboard port. Then plug the keyboard into the KEYKatcher and it's ready to record. There is no software to install or configure! As keys are typed the data is stored inside a non-volatile memory chip within the device. When you want to see what's been recorded simply open any word processor or text editor (Microsoft WordPad recommended) and type your personal password. The KEYKatcher will display a menu allowing you to view what's been recorded or you can search the data using NETPatrol or a keyword search.

Numerous independent reviews attest to the quality and reliability of KEYKatcher hardware key loggers. Best of all, our key loggers are so easy to use, you don't have to be a computer wiz to install or use them. If you know how to type a password and use a word processor (such as Microsoft* Word) you have all the expertise required to effectively use KEYKatcher or KeyCarbon hardware key loggers.

The Hardware Advantage:

-Can't be detected or disabled by anti-spyware

-Allows recording on one computer and playback on another

-Operating system independent - works on any desktop computer.

-Uses no system or network resources.

-Plug & Play Installation takes only seconds

-Can monitor systems when the password is unknown

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256K Hardware Keylogger

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