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KEYKatcher PS/2 Keylogger Tutorial


Step 1 | Accessing the Menu

It is easiest to think of the KEYKatcher key logger as an ultra-small tape recorder for your keyboard (James Bond never had anything this cool). Everything that is typed will be recorded in its internal FLASH memory.

With the KEYKatcher key logger plugged in, simply open WordPad (or any other word processor/text editor) and type your password. The default password is "keykatch". This may be the easiest computer product you've ever owned!

As soon as the password is typed, the KEYKatcher responds with a menu. Now you have full access to the device. Notice that no software or drivers have been installed on the system - KEYKatcher is a hardware key logger - this allows for quick installation and ease of use.

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The Most Advanced Keystroke Recorder Ever!


:) 4Mb storage capacity
:) Time & Date Stamping
:) Time of Use Reports
:) 128-bit Encryption

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