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KEYKatcher PS/2 Keylogger Tutorial


Step 2 | View & Erase Memory

View memory: To see what your key logger has recorded type the '1' key for "View Memory". All the typing will now be played back including e-mail, chat, instant messaging, web addresses and more. After the memory contents are fully displayed in your word processor, you may wish to save it as a file to your hard drive. To do so, follow the same procedure you would in saving any other file prepared in WordPad. If there is nothing of interest, it is wise to erase the memory, so you don't have to review it again in the future.

Erase Memory: Hitting the number '2' key will erase the KEYKatcher memory (example not pictured).

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The Most Advanced Keystroke Recorder Ever!


:) 4Mb storage capacity
:) Time & Date Stamping
:) Time of Use Reports
:) 128-bit Encryption

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