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Hardware Keyloggers vs Software Keyloggers


So, you know you need a keylogger...

The next step is deciding which type of keylogger is best for you: hardware or software?
In order to help you understand the benefits of hardware keyloggers we've assembled the following "Top 10 Reasons to Choose a Hardware Keylogger". We hope that you find this information helpful in making an informed decision about your computer monitoring needs. If you are left with any questions after reading about hardware keyloggers please don't hesitate to give us a call at 877.779.7967.

For more detailed information read the White Paper
Computer Monitoring: Software vs Hardware Keyloggers

Features Hardware Keyloggers Software Programs
Installs in seconds, just plug it in! Must be installed on hard drive
System Performance
Will not reduce system performance in any way. Software requires CPU cycles, which WILL slow your system down. Software which performs screen captures can slow your system down dramatically.
Ease of Use
Very easy, use in conjunction with any word processor or text editor you're already familiar with. Requires learning a new software program.


Yes. Can record on one computer and read out on another. Memory remains intact even when the device is unplugged. In most cases software programs require that recording and viewing be done on the same computer.
Memory Usage
None. All data is stored in the KEYKatcher key logger internally. Requires use of RAM space for running the software and processing the data.
Hard Drive Usage
None. Uses no hard drive space. Software installation requires valuable hard drive space.
Operating System Independent
Works on all PC operating systems. (Linux, Windows, Free BSD, Dos etc.) Usually runs on only one operating system.
Compatibility w/ other software
Because KEYKatcher is not software, it cannot interfere with other programs on your system. Vulnerable to detection by anti-virus and anti-spy programs. May also cause conflicts with other programs that compete for system resources (interrupts, RAM, hard drive space).
Instant Access
Begins recording the moment your computer is turned on. Records until computer is turned off or device is unplugged. Cannot begin recording until software is launched by the operating system. Stops recording if software is shut down or disabled or detected by an anti-virus program.
Simply unplug a KEYKatcher key logger to uninstall it. It can be very difficult to remove a software program, and all its components, from your system.



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:) 128-bit Encryption

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