KeyKatcher 128K | Harware KeyLogger

The KEYKatcher 128K is the highest capacity KEYKatcher product available. This tiny hardware-only keylogger can store over 131,000 keystrokes including e-mail, chat and internet addresses, instant messaging and more. This KEYKatcher model is recommended for professional applications.

The easiest way to monitor your PC. Simply unplug your keyboard and plug the KEYKatcher into the keyboard port. Plug the keyboard into the KEYKatcher and it's ready to record. There is no software to install or configure!

As keys are typed the data is stored inside a non-volatile memory chip in the device. When you want to see what's been recorded simply open any word processor or text editor and type your personal password. The KEYKatcher will display a menu allowing you to view what's been recorded or you can search the data more quickly using NETPatrol TM or a keyword search.

**NETPatrol automatically searches for any occurences of http, www, .com and .net.


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