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True Hardware KeyloggersTM

KeyKatcher Magnum 4MB PS/2 Forensic Hardware Keylogger

$128.88  $98.88

What is KEYKatcher Magnum?

KEYKatcher Magnum is a hardware-only keystroke logger that records every key typed on your PC, including the time and date of all keyboard activity! There is no software to install or configure, just plug it in!

KEYKatcher Magnum is Loaded with Features:

  • 4MB Memory - 2,500 Pages
  • Time & Date Stamping
  • 128-Bit Encryption
  • TrueStamp Ensures Time/Date Stamps Can't be Falsified
  • Ideal for home, business and law-enforcement use

Also Features:

  • Time of Use Charts - Tell You When Your Computer Was Used
  • Purple Plug & Play Installation
  • Pause-On-Playback and Quick-Erase Options
  • NETPatrol and Custom Search Functions.

System Requirements

  • IBM.PC Compatible Computer
  • PS/2 Keyboard Connector (for USB type keyboards with a rectangular connector, see the USB Category)


  • Records chat, e-mail, internet & more
  • Is easier to use than parental control software
  • Identifies internet addresses
  • Uses no system resources
  • Works on all PC operating systems
  • Undetectable by software

To install the KEYKatcher just plug it in between your keyboard cable and your computer. Heat-shrink tubing is provided with each KEYKatcher to create a tamper-evident seal if desired.

Retrieving Data
When you want to see what's been recorded, simply open any word processing program and type in your password. A menu will be displayed on the screen.

General Use
The KEYKatcher works with any PC operating system. Since it stores keystrokes in a non-volatile memory chip you can record on one computer, unplug it, then read it out on another computer. When you're ready to see what the KEYKatcher has recorded type in your password and choose the 'view memory' option to see every keystroke that's been recorded.

KeyKatcher Defeats All Spy Software
Unlike software-based keyloggers, KEYKatcher is not detectable by any anti-spy or anti-virus program.

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