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The Easy Way to Monitor Family Computer Activity.

What is a Hardware Keylogger?
A hardware keylogger is a small device that plugs in between your keyboard cable and computer and records every keystroke typed! There is no software to install in order to use a hardware keylogger. KEYKatcher keyloggers will record: chat, email, instant messaging, MySpace messages, and much more. Learn How It Works

Why Do YouNeed a KEYKatcher Keylogger?
Be Aware of What Your Child is Typing Online Because
What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You.

Learn How To Protect Your Children From Online Dangers via Computer Security Monitoring.

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As a concerned parent, you have the obligation to assure your child's safety while he/she is on the Internet. Children and teenagers are one of the fastest growing groups of Internet users. Cyber crime is rapidly increasing, and our children are at a higher risk of becoming victims of Internet crime than most parents realize. KEYKatcher Hardware Key Loggers serve as a valuable tool for understanding their on-line activities and communicating with them about acceptable use of the computer / internet.

All KEYKatcher Keyloggers are incredibly easy to install and use. They are truly "plug-and-play" which means as soon as you've properly plugged your KEYKatcher into your computer - it is ready to record. Learn more on the How It Works page.

KEYKatcher Keyloggers Help Guard Against Online Predators:
Know what your loved ones are doing online and be prepared to step in when necessary. The KEYKatcher can literally be "your eyes when you're not there"

Did you know:
75% of all children are willing to give personal information in exchange for goods or services.
As many as 1 in 4 children who visit internet chat rooms have been contacted or propositioned by a pedophile.
Only 3% of all incidents of predators harrassing children on the internet are reported.


Resources for Parents:





- Internet Crimes Against Children


Cyberethics for Kids

- Justice for Kids and Youth

- Computer Crime and Security Survey

- What You Can Do To Protect Your Child

The Hardware Advantage:

-Can't be detected or disabled by anti-spyware

-Allows recording on one computer and playback on another

-Operating system independent - works on any desktop computer.

-Uses no system or network resources.

-Plug & Play Installation takes only seconds

-Can monitor systems when the password is unknown

Use Magnum to :

-Capture the DNA of electronic evidence

-Investigate suspected illegal computer activities

-Create logs during audits

-Monitor systems in which the password is unknown

-Detect unauthorized use of computer equipment



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