Computer & Internet Monitoring without Software!



Recommended Keyloggers For Employee Monitoring:

:) Monitor employee productivity

:) Manage Employee Misuse of Computer Resources

:) Investigate Business-Sensitive Security Breaches

:) Back-up large amounts of data without using system resources

:) Detect unauthorized access to computer equipment

Recommended Keyloggers for Employee Monitoring:

KEYKatcher Magnum 4MB
For PS/2 Keyboards

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The Smart Way to Monitor Employee Computer Activity.

Any business can be at risk of loss or theft because of low productivity, online distractions, inappropriate behavior and undetected illegal activity. You pay a lot of money for an office and employees; why not ensure that they are doing what they’re paid to do? KEYKatcher hardware keyloggers have proven to be an excellent tool in identifying and correcting computer misuse. It is recommended that you have a "computer usage policy" in place which makes employees aware of acceptable computer use.

Companies today face a multitude of risks posed by electronic communications. They include loss of proprietary information, copyright violation, inappropriate use of company property, violation of privacy, and offensive or harassing workplace interactions, internet gambling, instant messaging, personal blogs and chats. Monitoring may be necessary to avoid these risks, and companies must develop, implement, and (as necessary) regularly adjust policies to control electronic information in the workplace. The new KEYKatcher Magnum hardware keylogger was specifically designed for business and should be a part of the "toolkit" which is used by IT staff for security investigations, and can provide invaluable information to these professionals.


The Hardware Keylogger Advantage:

:) Can NOT be detected or defeated by anti-spy or anti-virus software.

:) Allows recording on one computer and playback on another

:) Operating System Independent - works on any desktop PC

:) Uses NO system resources

:) True plug & play installation

:) Monitor activity on a system where the password is unknown

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KEYKatcher hardware keyloggers provide an accurate record of what was typed and can be used later for analysis of almost any situation. Hardware keyloggers are extremely robust, in that they begin recording the moment power is turned on, and keep recording until the power is turned off. KEYKatcher hardware keyloggers also have the added benefit of portability. You can record data on one computer, unplug the KEYKatcher keylogger, and then plug it in on another computer to read what has been recorded. It's an incredibly easy, convenient and affordable tool for computer monitoring applications





time & date stamp keylogger
The Most Advanced Hardware Keystroke Recorder Ever!

Use Magnum to:
:) Monitor Employee Performace & Productivity

:) Manage Employee Computer Misuse

:) Support Web & Email Acceptable Use Policies

:) Forensic Investigations


:) 4Mb storage capacity
:) Time & Date Stamping
:) Time of Use Reports
:) 128-bit Encryption



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