Hardware Keyloggers with Time-Date Stamping for Forensic Professionals


Hardware Keyloggers for Computer Forensics and
Law Enforcement Professionals

  Looking for the most advanced hardware keystroke recorder on the market? You've found it!

  Magnum is loaded with features you won't find in any other hardware keystroke recorder!

Time & Date Stamping
:) Time of Use Charts - Tell You When Your Computer Was Used

:) 4MB Memory - Stores 2,500 Pages of Data
:) 128-Bit Encryption
:) Uses No System Resources
Purple Plug & Play Installation
TrueStamp Ensures Time/Date Stamps Can't be Falsified
Pause-On-Playback and Quick-Erase Options
NETPatrol and Custom Search Functions
:) Works on wireless keyboards
KEYPhantom Forensic
$349 .00

Forensic USB Keylogger

1.5MB Memory
Time & Date Stamping

128-Bit Encryption

Testimonials from Forensics Professionals:

From: Christopher B. Karr
ÜberGuard Information Security Consulting, LLC 
"...We have used other keyloggers in the past and nothing compares to the KEYKatcher Keystroke Logger."

From: Roddy Orgeron
Network Tactics, LLC
"We can safely say that the KEYKatcher has been instrumental in solving some of our cases. Without it, we might still be looking for some information! Beyond forensics this product can be used by parents, corporate network administrators, private investigators, and more."

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The Hardware Advantage:

-Can't be detected or disabled by anti-spyware

-Allows recording on one computer and playback on another

-Operating system independent - works on any desktop computer.

-Uses no system or network resources.

-Plug & Play Installation takes only seconds

-Can monitor systems when the password is unknown

Use KEYKatcher to :

-Capture the DNA of electronic evidence

-Investigate suspected illegal computer activities

-Create logs during audits

-Monitor systems in which the password is unknown

-Detect unauthorized use of computer equipment

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