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Verify Proper Installation
The most common problem people encounter when using a KEYKatcher is plugging it into the mouse port rather than the keyboard port. Since the keyboard and mouse ports are generally very close to one another this is an easy mistake to make. Please check and make sure your KEYKatcher is plugged into the keyboard port - NOT the mouse. The keyboard port is generally PURPLE. (see images below)




Image shows KEYKatcher improperly
plugged into the mouse port.
  Image shows KEYKatcher properly
plugged into the keyboard port.

If your KEYKatcher is plugged into the keyboard port:

If your KEYKatcher was plugged into the mouse port:
Unplug it and plug it into the keyboard port. NOTE: when KEYKatcher is plugged into the mouse port the memory may be filled with "garbage data". Simply access the menu and choose the "Erase Memory" option to clean out the garbage data. Please contact us is you have any questions.




The Most Advanced Keystroke Recorder Ever!

Use Magnum to:
:) Monitor Employee Performace & Productivity

:) Manage Employee Computer Misuse

:) Support Web & Email Acceptable Use Policies

:) Computer Forensic Investigations


:) 4Mb storage capacity
:) Time & Date Stamping
:) Time of Use Reports
:) 128-bit Encryption

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