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KEYKatcher 64K mini

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KEYKatcher 64K mini
USPS Priority 
$ 4.30

Ship-time 2-3 days.
Place order before 3pm PDT
for same-day shipment.


KEYKatcher 64K mini
FedEx Overnight* 

Delivered on next business day
on orders placed before 3pm PDT.
*Call for Saturday delivery.
:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Order by Phone 1 877 779 7967 (M-F 9am-5pm PDT) ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
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Copyright 2005, Allen Concepts, Inc. All rights reserved. KEYKatcher(TM) is a trademark of Allen Concepts, Inc.
KEYPhantom(TM) is a trademark of its respective owner (see www.keyphantom.com)

Allen Concepts, Inc.
3165 S Alma School Rd. Chandler, Arizona 85248
Tel. 480-659-8076    Fax. 480-659-8079
Copyright 2005 Allen Concepts, Inc. Chandler, Arizona. All rights reserved.
Allen Concepts, Inc. is a Chandler, Arizona based manufacturer of KEYKatcher key logging and keystroke recording devices.

KEYKatcher hardware-only key loggers; the easiest way to monitor your mac or pc.

Keykatcher 64K Key Logger Pro EditionKeyKatcher 32K Key Logger Family EditionKeyKatcher 128K Key Logger Corporate Edition KEYPhanton USB 128K Key Logger Home Edition About hardware key loggers 

Keykatcher Key Loggers: the original hardware key logger! Don't waste your money on software key logging programs that will be absolete in the next day, week or month. Anti-spy programs are perpetually knocking out spyware programs - there's nothing you or the software companies can do to stop it. That means you can try to keep up with the software battle - or - have a key logger with some peace of mind and make the switch to KeyKatcher hardware key loggers and never have to worry about your key logger getting wiped out again. KEYKatcher key loggers record ever keystroke typed on your computer. Simply plug in the KEYKatcher hardware key logger and you're ready to record. There is absolutely no software to install! KEYKatcher key loggers are virtually undetectable by anti-spyware because they do not install on your computer's hard drive. They are simply a plug-and-play device that you connect between your keyboard cable and the CPU. As soon as a KEYKatcher key logger is plugged in it is ready to go. It will record every keystroke typed on your desktop PC or MAC computer. Keystrokes or recorded before they even hit the computer and are stored inside the keylogger's internal memory. This means it won't take up any room on your hard drive, it won't slow your computer down like key logging software can, and it will not be effected in the event of a power loss, computer crash or if you want to unplug it from one computer and read it out on another. KEYKatcher key loggers are a must have if you have children who spend anytime on the internet, employees with internet or e-mail access and schools that allow children internet access.