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How it works.


The KEYKatcher keystroke recorder is a powerful tool which provides valuable information about computer activities. It is very simple to install and use.

KEYKatcher key loggers resemble a standard connector but inside this key logger is a microcontroller and a FLASH memory. The microcontroller interprets the data (keystrokes) as they are typed and they are stored in the FLASH memory (for later review).

To install the KEYKatcher all you need to do is plug it in between your keyboard cable and your computer (see image). The KEYKatcher is ready to record the instant you plug it in. Heat-shrink tubing is provided with each KEYKatcher so that you may attach the unit to the keyboard cable creating a tamper-evident seal which cannot be removed without your knowledge.

Retrieving Data
When you want to see what's been recorded, simply open any word processing program (Microsoft WordPad recommended) and type in your password. As soon as your password has been correctly entered, a menu will be displayed on the screen. The menu gives you several options, including: view memory, keyword search, and NETPatrol.

General Use
Applications range from parental monitoring to business investigations to computer forensics. The KEYKatcher works with any PC operating system. Since it stores keystrokes in a FLASH memory, you can record on one computer, unplug it, then read it out on another computer. This also means that no data will be lost in the event of a power outage, which makes the KEYKatcher a great backup device. When you're ready to see what the KEYKatcher has recorded, open your word processor, type in your password, then choose the 'view memory' option. The KEYKatcher will 'play back' every keystroke that's been recorded. If you're concerned with internet usage, use the NETPatrol search function to identify all web addresses that were typed.

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